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Origin of the Trade Name "NACHI"

The NACHI trade name expresses a strong entrepreneurial will. In 1929, the Emperor Showa made a tour of the Kansai district to inspect industries as part of the encouragement of domestic production, and personally inspected a Fujikoshi hacksaw blade that was on display as an example of an outstanding domestic product at the Osaka Prefectural Office.

Overjoyed at the honor of entertaining the Emperor's special attention, Kohki Imura decided to name his product "NACHI" after the name of the latest naval cruiser to be made in Japan, the very same vessel that the Emperor was sailing on for his tour.
Fujikoshi, in the early days of Showa, was still a fledgling machine tool supplier. For Imura, "NACHI" was the word that best identified Fujikoshi products with the dignity of the Emperor.

The word "Nachi" comes from the "Nachi Waterfall" at the Nachi Shrine in Kumano that traces its roots back to Yamato, ancient Japan.


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