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Ball Bearing Units

UC (1)
UC Bearing Only
UCP Standard Pillow
UCIP Thick Body
UCPK for Heavy Load
UCPH High Center
UCPA Small Base
UCEP for Free End
MUCP Stainless Steel
UCF Square Flange
UCFS with Spigot Joint
UCFC Round Flange
UC (2)
UCFL Rhombic Flange
MUCFL for Anti-Corrosion
UCFA Adjustable Center
UCFK One Side Flange
UCT Standard Take-Up
UCT+WB with Frame of Angle Steel
UCTL+WL with Frame of Light Channel Steel
UCTU+WU with Frame of Channel Steel
UCC Cartridge Type
UCECH Hangar Type
UK+H Bearing Only
UKP Standard Pillow
UKIP Thick Body
UKPK for Heavy Load
UKF Square Flange
UKFS with Spigot Joint
UKFC Round Flange
UKFL Rhombic Flange
UKT Standard Take-Up
UKC Cartridge
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B Bearing Only
BP Standard Pillow
BLLP for Light Load
BPP for Extremely Light Load
BF Square Flange
BFC Round Flange
BFL Rhombic Flange
BLFL for Light Load
BPF for Extremely Light Load
BPFL for Extremely Light Load
BT Standard Take-Up
KH AE Bearing Only
KHLLP for Light Load
KHPP for Extremely Light Load
KHLFL for Light Load
KHPF for Extremely Light Load
KHPFL for Extremely Light Load
U,MU+ER Bearing Only
UP for Light Load
MUP for Light Load
UFL for Light Load
MUFL for Light Load
UG+ER Bearing Only
UGP Standard Pillow
UGF Square Flange
UGFC Round Flange
UGFL Rhombic Flange


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