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Please use the following links to view exploded diagram representations of our Hydraulic equipment:

Excellent performance and guaranteed product quality for all Nachi's products through strict material selection and the use of heat treatment techniques improved to date and the use of our highly advanced machining technology. Nachi hydraulic pumps are designed to reduce noise output.

Directional Control Valves
Directional control valves in a variety of sizes all made to ISO standard.
Directional valves:
SS: Straight Conduit lead connection.
SA: Hirschman Plug connection.
SNH: Non Leak Type
DMA: Lever Operated

Modular Control Valves
Because of the design of this range of valves the need for a large space has been eliminated. By stacking the valves upon each other the system is built upwards, not outwards. Piping and fittings are also eliminated.

Wheel Motors & Swing Motors
Nachi can design wheel motors or swing motors for nearly every requirement.

Power Units
Nachi have a range of power units to suit many application. The "NN" series runs at a low 54Dba.


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