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Machine Tools, Robots and Heat Treatment

NC Precision Rolling Machines
Up till now, forming racks have been driven by a hydraulic cylinder. However, the drive is now handled by numerical control. This eliminates the need for a hydraulic MOFSPF -61 unit, and reduces the installation area of the rolling machine. Operation is also quieter as there is no noise from large hydraulic pumps and motors. Numerical control allows any stroke to be set, facilitating changeover. Furthermore, the speed at which the forming rack contacts the workpiece is controlled for higher precision. Small-diameter workpieces which could not be machined due to restrictions in precision can now be rolled.


Vacuum Carburizing System EN-CARBO NVC series
In this innovative carburizing furnace, Nachi-Fujikoshi has applied a proprietary system of carburizing in a near-vacuum state. This not only solves the problems of disparate energy and quality that were encountered in gas carburizing furnaces, and improves the environment and safety, but also prevents soot that has been a major problem in conventional vacuum carburizing furnaces.

Vacuum Degreasing Washers NVD Series
The NVD series of washers uses hydrocarbon-based solvents. With conventional systems, complex shaped workpieces were hard to wash.

The NVD series, however, solves this problem by utilizing a process of "Triple Washing" to achieve the absolute best results.

The NVD was developed with the emphasis placed particularly on safety , compactness and improved performance, and is brought to users at a low price. It can be used in many fields of industry, for example, in heat treatment where many products are washed at once in environments where large amounts of contaminated oil is likely to adhere to parts, and in intermediate washing of machine parts.

Handling Material for Stamping Equipment.
The Nachi Robot product range is comprehensive. The extremely lightweight designs mean fast acceleration, more maneuverability, and easy mounting. This also allows more capabilities to be packed into very compact units.


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