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Special Steel

"Pre-hardened Rod" is a product that customers use in initial operations (quenching and tempering). It has a high straightness (less than 0.5 mm/meter) and was developed in 1981 as a "Heat-treated Wire" with guaranteed internal and external quality. It is chiefly used for such cutting tools applications as drills and punches, and it is quickly being converted away from a general materials.


Recent advances, in the speeding up and miniaturization of IT equipment, call for more densely packed ICs requiring a greater level of fineness for related materials. At Nachi-Fujikoshi, we are working on the development of high-strength ultra-fine wire with superior cost performance by using heat-treatment technology with our proprietary sintering and wire drawing technology.

With a diameter of just 0.07 mm, Nachi-Fujikoshi i has succeeded in producing the nation's thinnest ultra-fine wire for high-speed steel and cemented carbide alloys, and can now introduce it to the market as "Micron Hard".



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