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Various Cutting Gear Applications
Nachi manufacture a wide range of Gear Cutting Tools for the production of standard products to high specialty products. With the option from many forms of coating, the use of the best steel manufactured at our own facilities and Quality Control closely measured at nanometer-order (1 millionth of 1mm) Nachi are able to offer High Precision Gear Cutting Tools.


Aqua Drill Series
Supported by the AQUA coating, high feed silent drilling is obtained by improved chip flow. When using the indexed insert series an excellent cutting balance is obtained from a unique cutting edge design provided by the use of two inserts (four edges).




X's mill Geo Series
The use of a unique wave shaped cutting edge allows the X series to offer high efficiency machining. This is obtained with a low impact force on the cutting edge, fracture resistance, lowered cutting resistance and a super tough wear resistant coating.






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