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Arc Welding

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Arc welding requires good path control for the welding process and quick movement for the "air time" movements to achieve maximum efficiency. Nachi's SC Series and MV Series has what it takes for a successful job. Powerful functions to locate the workpiece and weld on the seam are available by using the weld wire to "touch sense" the part to an integrated 3-D guidance system.

Interfacing to the welding equipment is important to your welding machine. Nachi offers the necessary functions to interface with many arc welders - from fully integrated serial interfaces (ArcMaster) to Fieldbus-type interfaces, to standard, flexible discrete/analog control.

Nachi robotic series applicable to arc welding:

* SC Series
* MV Series

Heavy loads and long strokes don’t bother Nachi’s SC Series. Combining high speed with high positioning repeatability, this series is designed for the most demanding material handling applications, including press tending and machine tending.

Benefits & Features

* High Speed
o Increased speeds for greater productivity
* Largest Payload in its Class
o Up to 700kg for tooling and additional payload on the upper arm
* Space-Saving Design
o Allows shorter production lines
* Precise Movement
o +/-0.1 to 0.5mm repeatability
* Light-Weight Design
o Allows easy robot installation and transport
* Flexible Mounting
o Floor, inverted or wall (up to SC50)
* Low Maintenance
o Greater uptime and reduced life cycle cost
* Advanced AX Controller

MV Series

The MV Series provides total solutions for arc and mig welding. The series has remarkable enhancements in motion performance, thereby shortening production time. A new servo control system with advanced acceleration method allows a faster robot with smoother motion. An independently articulated arm provides no link to impede articulation for a full range of motion. Vibration restraining control virtually eliminates vibration when stopping at maximum speed.

To download a PDF of the MV Series brochure, click on the following file: MVSeries.pdf


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