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Spot Welding

Applications >> Arc Welding | Material Handling | Vision Based

Spot welding requires fast acceleration for quick spot to spot movement and large payload capacities. Nachi's SH Series improves an already fast reputation by increasing acceleration. Using a standard benchmarking test, overall cycle time was reduced 20% with the SH Series robot that handles payloads up to 200kg.

Large or dual robotic guns require a greater payload capacity. The SC Series extends the range for larger end applications to 300kg and 700kg.

Servo Gun is an important development in spot welding. Nachi has led the industry with its Servo Gun technology to improve weld quality and speed.

Model SH133 / SH166 / SH166L / SH200 / SH133T / SH166T / SH200T

Features .SH series offer high speed operation, large envelope and high payload capacity. Its versatile backward reach allows quicker material handelling and machine tending operations. Its new modular design means the same robot could be used for different payload by just changing the wrists. Customers profit from lowered maintenance costs due to its high reliability and reduced lubrication points. It comes with built in S-trac which means built in welding cable guide is a standard.

Max. Reach 2,654 mm (SH133) 2,902 mm (SH166)

Payload 133 / 166 / 200Kg

Repeatability ±0.3 mm

Installation Floor or Shelf Mounted

Applications Spot Welding , Handling , Deburring , Palletizing , Sealing , Press to Press Handling , Assembly , Loading , Die-casting , Roller Hemming , Press brake , Machine Tending

Robot Body Mass 1,260Kg (SH133)

Features & Benefits

  • Modular Design
  • One common body and three wrists type - Payload of the robot could be changed just by changing the wrist.
  • Improved short pitch motion enables high speed and accelerations.
  • Modular structure enables high maintainability.
  • Large working envelope and backward reach
  • A full reach of 2,902 mm for SH166 model.
  • 1,921 mm backward reach for SH133/SH166 models.
  • 1,932 mm backward reach for SH200 models.
  • Larger Capacity
  • Auxillary payload can be mounted on the upper arm (max. 25Kg) and JT3 axis (max. 45Kg).
  • For Spot Welding applications WAC (Water, Air and Cable) are integrated into the JT1 axis.
  • Heavyweight transformers (max. 500Kg) can be mounted on the swivel axis.
  • Increased capacity for application wirings and water hose.


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