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AX Controller - Features | Operating Ranges | Specifications

Open Architecture
PC based controller applies a global standard, WindowsNT Embedded*
Programming of peripheral equipment by international standard language IEC1131-3 is possible. ( Software PLC )

Color Display
Teach pendant with color graphic LCD is easy viewable and easy to use.
Electronic manuals with many graphical contents used

Improved Motion Performance
Short-pitch motion time of servo gun is reduced 30% , and path accuracy is improved 50% compared to the previous type.

PC Based Controller Enhanced Usability
Full functions to meet diversified applications
Matches with off-line tools for marketed personal computers

Supports International Safety Standard
Supports international safety standard in the U.S. and Europe.
Equipped with duplex safety circuit for emergency stop

AX Controller PDF
AW Controller PDF

* WindowsNT Embedded is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.


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