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As a company that has been a leader of industrial robotics, Nachi-Fujikoshi has taken it's automation expertise accumulated on automotive manufacturing lines to greater heights. We have consolidated this expertise into a series of new-generation robots that represents the next stage in their development.

We provide customers with top-notch reliability and extensive application potential. Nachi-Fujikoshi delivers solutions that meet production floor demands with effective engineering and service programs. With these solutions comes our customers peace of mind. If your needs require automation on production lines, remember that Nachi robotos are at your service.

Robots >> We sell different types of robots. They are classified based on payload (amount of weight they are able to carry) and applications.

Controllers >> Open architecture. A PC based controller applying a global standard platform.

Servo Gun >> Servo gun is fast replacing pneumatic spot weld guns due to their numerous advantages like higher weld quality, improved cycle time and lowered costs.

Swivel Table >> A wide range of robot peripheral devices are available.

Vision Systems >> By using a camera, the unit recognises randomly stacked parts on the pallets and then removes it.

Jack-knife Arm >> Swivel handling arm for transferring parts between press machines.

Travel Axis >> Servo motor-driven robot travel device which can also be used as a fixture slider.


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