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By using a camera, the unit recognises randomly stacked parts on the pallets and then removes it.

The NV-AX Vision Sensor is Nachi's image processing system that is integrated into the AX controller. Its' high-performance digital image processing technology and image defect tolerant search tool delivers outstanding object recognition.

The NV-AX integrates a high-speed robot with a vision interface. It is easy to operate and program via the robot teach pendant.

Benefits & Features

* Integrated Stereo Recognition Function
Nachi's proprietary stereo recognition algorithm measures parts positions in 3-D. The robot excels in "bin picking" applications.
* High-Performance Image Processing
Nachi's high-speed search tool tolerates real world factory conditions and correctly identifies parts.
* Simple Teach Pendant Operation
The robot and vision integrated AX control offers easy programming in the intuitive WindowsTM environment and provides a single point of operation for both robot and vision.


* Bin Picking
* Multi-Part Processing
* Measurement
* Product Inspection

To download a PDF version of the NV-AX Vision Sensor brochure, click on the following file: NVAX.pdf


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