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When you invest in Nachi robotic technology, you can be assured that Nachi has invested in its long-term value to you. Anchored by your Nachi project manager, a talent bank of engineers and technicians become your resource ... from telephone support for technical assistance to longevity programs involving preventative maintenance and overhaul/re-application.

Your goals are Nachi's goals. Nachi works to maximize each robot's contribution to mandates for zero defects, higher throughput, just-in-time flexibility, high reliability and maintainability, continuous improvement and others.

After installation, support is ongoing. Programs include:

Training classes for operators/ production/maintenance personnel held at Nachi or on-site at your facility.

Longevity programs including preventative maintenance, overhaul programs including specialised training.

Maintenance >> Nachi robots have an above-average longevity record in the automotive industry.

Spare Parts >> Comprehensive chart of Nachi Robotics spare parts with part numbers.

Quotations >> Contact our nachi Robotics specialists for assistance.

Training >> Training courses on the basics of robot operation, routine inspections, maintenance, service, as well as robot safety and regulations.

Manuals >> Contact details for Manuals and information



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