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Nachi robots have an above-average longevity record in the automotive industry. Nachi's key strengths are reliability and maintainability. The long-term value of an investment in Nachi robots is further enhanced by an array of programs Nachi has developed to serve you.

Nachi offers fast repair turnaround and localised, personalised support.

Programs include:

  • Maintenance and Inspection
    • Includes preventative maintenance programs that involve specified service at regular intervals. Ex: Extended preventative maintenance typically performed at 20,000 and 30,000 hours
  • Functional Repairs
    • In-field functional repairs to all sections of the robot manipulator, excluding the wrist (see below)
  • Component Repairs
    • Overhaul of work or damaged wrists, forearm assemblies, and base assemblies
  • Parts Kits and Packages
    • Complete repair kits for component or subassembly overhaul can be provided.
  • Specialised Training
    • Training programs for robot and component overhaul, tailored to your needs, are available
  • Custom Maintenance Programs
    • A Nachi Support Group representative can assist you in developing a custom maintenance program for extended longevity. Consulting is available at no additional charge.


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